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Kitchen Face Lift


If your kitchen's plumbing and electrical are up to code and you don't plan on changing the cabinet configuration or the appliance locations, the standard kitchen remodeling plan should fit your needs. It can include removing and replacing cabinets, counter tops, and flooring.


$15,000 to $28,000




Complete Kitchen


A complete kitchen remodel can include upgrading your electrical service, installation of new plumbing

and an exhaust vent system. We may also need to work on ceilings, walls, and floors, including relocating structural walls or appliances if necessary.


$30,000 to $60,000




Bathroom Face Lift


A bathroom Face lift remodeling project can include replacing all plumbing fixtures, installing new tile around the tub and on the floor, replacing the vanity and installing a new mirror or medicine cabinet.


$12,000 to $20,000




Complete Bathroom


In addition to the standard bathroom projects, we can upgrade old pipes and exhaust fans, replace the window, and move plumbing to make better use of space.


$25,000 to $45,000




Room Additions


Depending upon your needs, we can build a variety of different additions onto your home, including a light-filled sunroom, a practical, space-efficient garage, or simply expand for more room in the kitchen, bedrooms, etc.


$125-$155 per square foot




Patios & Decks


We are happy to build a deck or patio onto your home for additional outdoor living space. We use only the best materials installed in the best way for a deck that will provide many years of outdoor enjoyment.


$22-$50 per square foot




Garages & Outbuildings


Whether it’s an extra bay for your boat, a 3 car garage, or a specialty building for your classic cars, we can handle all design and building to fit your needs.


$28,000 to $60,000




Whole House


Every so often we meet someone who has

purchased a great house that needs significant work to turn it into the home they want to live in. There are many factors to consider when pursuing this type of project and we recommend that you start any work by drawing up a "master plan" for the entire home.


$100-$125 per square foot




Roof Replacements


The price of a re-roof can vary depending on what product is installed on your home. Most roofs are replaced after storm damage and usually covered by home owners insurance.  The price is determined by insurance adjustment total.  We will walk you through the claims process step-by-step and handle all of the hard work to make sure your home gets the attention it needs.




Doors & Windows


Exterior doors, like front doors, have one of widest variances in cost. A basic tract home might come with a fanlight wood door, available at your local home improvement store for less than $200. Custom-made, air-tight, weather-treated doors made from fine woods like mahogany with double-paned, leaded sidelight windows and brass hardware can cost thousands of dollars.




Most homeowners spend around $700 replacing a typical front door.  Selecting and installing windows and doors together saves money and reduces household disruptions. Manufacturers typically offer product lines that include windows, doors and related products allowing you to select a custom, themed look for your home. A typical window replacement project includes approximately 10 windows at a cost of $10,000 and $15,000. Per-window cost is generally $300 to $700 including roughly $200 per window for installation. Per window cost can run as high as $2,500 or more.  Factors that influence window cost include manufacturer, glass and frame type, energy-saving features, hardware, and window size and dimension. Unique window dimensions can increase the price of a replacement as they require custom shapes or extensive demolition or prep work before the windows can be installed.



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